Presidents Message


Why Join Siskiyou County Farm Bureau?

As Farmers and Ranchers in Siskiyou County we have plenty to do. Whether it be feeding livestock, maintaining equipment, irrigating, harvesting, marketing or a whole host of other tasks it seems like we can always find something to keep us busy.

On top of all of this, is the job of protecting our operations from increasing regulation and representing ourselves before regulators, law makers and the media. I don't know about you, but I find this to be overwhelming. We try to stay informed and engaged but we can't be everywhere at once. This is where Farm Bureau comes in.

Farm Bureau is there when we can't be. Siskiyou County Farm Bureau represents you before local government at the County Supervisor level, works with other county government, the County Sheriff, and local law enforcement, and addresses issues with state and federal agencies that affect our operations. Farm Bureau is a true grass roots organization. Policy is developed and driven by members of local County Farm Bureaus; people like us. California Farm Bureau, the state level of Farm Bureau, is where larger issues are addressed that are brought by members.

A strong Legal Team is at work daily protecting us and what we do for a living. The Governmental Affairs department works with agencies and other governmental entities to ensure that our voices are heard and our needs are addressed. They also are involved in and keep a close eye on any new legislation and evaluate how new laws could affect us. Quite often onerous regulations that would be crippling to our operations never see the light of day because of the diligent work of this staff.

To keep the face of Agriculture before the public, California Farm Bureau employs an award- winning Media Department. Products generated by this department include California Bountiful and Ag Alert as well as video material that is used by news outlets and social media. To keep the whole operation running smoothly an Executive Team oversees the function of each of these departments. All of California Agriculture benefits from the work that California Farm Bureau does daily; this includes members and non-members alike.

This year when you receive your renewal notice you will see a fairly significant dues increase. It has been awhile since our last dues increase, and as we are all aware the cost of doing business continues to climb. This is compounded by the loss this year of insurance partners that have been providing a substantial income for all State Farm Bureaus across the country. As a Farm Bureau member, you see the value of what Farm Bureau does for you and your operation. Even with this increase, Farm Bureau continues to provide excellent value in the form of protection and promotion of our livelihoods.

If you are not a member and are involved in or support agriculture, I would remind you that you are already benefitting from the work that Farm Bureau does. Please consider becoming a member and doing your part to support this effort. Remember, Farm Bureau is there for us when we can't be. We need to ensure that they continue to be there in the future also.

Jim Morris

Siskiyou County Farm Bureau President